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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 26, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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her desk. what the arizona governor's now saying. >> good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. lots of rain, lighting up the radar like a christmas tree this morning. this is going to make for a slow commute. but the rain will intensify. we'll tell you how much we're expecting where you live in moments. preparing for the storm, what some bay area cities are doing to make sure their communities are safe. >> you know what the storm means, wet roads. how that affects your commute. building the tri-valley a bit. mike, taking a look live outside at the bay bridge. we'll watch oall of the drizzle traffic. wednesday, february 26th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we've got a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. parts of the north bay already seeing some rain. and looking at san jose, where the rain is expected to arrive
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in the next few hours. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren with the very latest. >> good morning to you at home. thanks for waking up with us this morning. could be a rough drive. mike is all over that. i'm watching showers as they're coming in. everywhere across the bay area getting watt at this won't except the south bay but that's going to change through the next hour or so. a lot of rain on the way. it's not just the storm system that we're focusing on. three storm systems over the next four days. and two of which are very potent. in addition to that rainfall coming in, really strong wind out there. you want to travel cautiously, even in the areas where you don't get windy, like san jose, really want to take it easy in the high profile vehicle. throughout the day today, stop the clock at 1:00 p.m., richer moisture coming in. people in palo alto making some significant changes to their usual routine in order to prepare for the rainfall which
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brings in christie smith, live in palo alto. tell me, christie, how are people getting ready? you have a lot of sandbags behind you. expecting quite a bit of rain out there. >> reporter: they are. good morning. it's already windy and cold out here, no rain just yet. you can kind of feel it in the air. when it does rain, yeah, they are ready here in palo alto, stacks and stacks of sandbags ready. this is the story across the south bay. these along the embarcadero road are filled up and ready to go. six sites run by the santa clara valley water district in san jose, palo alto, morgan hill and 17 more sites run by different cities in santa clara county. some sites have the bags full, others you've got to fill on your own. they suggest you bring a shovel. most cars can only handle 20 to 30 bags at a time. east palo alto, the city has been working very hard to repair damage on the creek and improve flood protection along the
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garden neighborhood. december 2012 storms caused it overflow and three dozen families had to temporarily evacuate. city staff on storm patrol. they are ready, clearing out drains and streets, pump stations, staff is on call 24 hours a day. just in case any emergencies arrive. back here live, wanted to show you, it was windy here this morning, certainly is. we kept wonder what the sound was. we saw flags whipping in the wind. windy. we can feel the rain on the way. that's the story from here. reporting live in palo alto, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. san diego family is suing petco after losing their healthy 10-year-old son to rat bite fever. this morning his family says he caught it from his new pet rat. "today in the bay's" peggy bunker joins us with more on the story. >> this is just an incredible story, scott, and very sad. the boy aden received the rat as
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a gift from his grandmother after the boy wanted a mate for the female pat he already owned. she took the boy to a san diego petco and purchased the rat may of last year. two weeks later, aden was dead. he enjoyed two weeks with the new pet, naming him alex, taking him with him on outing, even in the bathtub, photos of him bathing with the rat. june 11th, he woke up with a fever and severe stomach pain. he could barely walk. he didn't live through the next day, dying at the hospital at 1:00 in the morning. now the san diego medical examiner's office found rat bite fever killed the boy. the family sent the rat to the federal centers for disease control which confirmed the rat was sick. they are now suing. petco has released the statement saying, we are deeply saddened by the pankey's family trojic loss. health and safety of the people and pets als s always a top pri.
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people can get rat bite fiver by consuming food or drinks contaminated with the bacteria. people under 5 are discouraged from handling the rats for this reason. only 200 cases documented in the past eight years. pat rheats more popular these days. we could start hearing about this more often. governor jan brewer tweeting about the controversial bill that would allow some businesses to deny service to gays and lesbians. brewer tweeted out, i assure you, as always, i will do the right thing for the state of the arizona. #sb 1062. the bill's on brewer's desk but she will veto that bill. she does not want to do anything to jeopardize arizona's economy. the big number of businesses, including apple, have come out saying the bill -- said signing the bill would hurt arizona's
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economy. brewer expected to meet with people on both side of the matter today and expected to make a decision later this week. water officials in south bay telling nearly 2 million people you must cut back. what were once voluntary reductions of 10% will become mandatory cutbacks of 20%. bob redell live at santa clara water district this morning. how do officials plan to enforce the new rules? >> reporter: well, there could be a couple of ways. good morning, one fines for violating new water usage rules, but for your water company to fine you, they first need approval from the public utility commission, the puc, to put that fine schedule into place, and that's not happened yet. another way to force you to cut back, higher water bills. charged more for usage over a certain amount, again, to be determined. last night the board here at the santa clara water district mandated 2 million customers roughly here in the south bay cut back water usage by 20%, a
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mandatory 20%. the most stringent of restrictions since 1992 drought, which means you will see new rules regarding, for instance, when you can water your lawn. you could be restricted to nighttimes on either odor even days. also, you might not be able to fill up your pool if it's low or empty. the district called for the cut das becau cut back because the water's so low. the district said the 20% restriction cutback would be in effect until the end of the year, regards of how much rain we get. >> we're not expecting 0 get better either because the water sheds are so dry and it would take a good eight inches of rain to see measurable run-off in the reservoirs. >> reporter: suggestions how to meet that 20% cutback and potentially higher water bill. take a look, turning off the
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water when brushing teeth, that saves 10 gallons. leaky toilet, take care of that. save another 15 to 45 gallons washing only a full load of clothes. you know, ten-minute showers -- mine are 15 -- but ten, cut those back to five, you still get clean, and you save water. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> not going to be 15 anymore. get some cologne. meteorologist christina loren joins us. talking about not enough water and you've got plenty on the screen behind you. >> it really is. i'm wondering how it's going to be if we get seven inches of rain over the month of march. reservoirs start overflowing again, we'll have to wait to see how everything pans out. we're in for it for the next few days. showers are moving in right now. thanks for waking up with us. remember, you can follow me on facebook. i am posting about the shower activity, winds, anything weather related today.
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today's a good day to hop on board. we have the chance for thunderstorms right here in the bay area. anything happens, we will let you know. this is what we're focusing on now. showers starting to move into the south bay. we were dry but that's changing as we speak. showers are going to continue to come in throughout the morning hours. so count on a slick commute this morning. stop the clock for you at 10:00. moisture pushing on shore. lunchtime, looking hairy in the south bay. good idea to make indoor lunch plans today. stop the clock at 5:00 p.m., expecting a rough commute, why mike inouye and myself are going to be here tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. see what he's working on now. could be a rough commute this morning but looking bad tonight. >> that's what we're looking at. going off the weather department here, meteorologists looking at radar. roads with live cameras. so far here in dublin, looking okay.
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volume of traffic steady for a wednesday. no wet roadways yet. but you saw christina's radar, we have the road weather index registering with green overlays here. highlighted blocks showing you where road weather index showing wet roads and that could be an issue across the antioch bridge, slowing develops. another green blob at richmond. haven't seen anything dramatic. they need mist and damp roads but smoorp drive approaching the bay bridge. toll plaza, san mateo and dumbarton bridges, no delays. peninsula side, a look at palo alto, with this camera by university avenue. bright sign lights up the roadway, still okay. we'll track it, guys. 5:10. major mobile carrier in trouble, an employee accused of posting inmate photos from someone else's refurbished cell phone.
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>> selfies are leading to lice. we'll hear from her, next.
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if you have naughty pictures on your phone, you should erase them before you hand the phone over to somebody else. a woman in los angeles is suing sprint after she turned in her old phone for a new phone. she was told the old phone would be completely wiped of its content mz the phone was shipped off to to a refurbishing center in kentucky where an employee found naughty pictures and allegedly posted those intimate pictures to her own facebook page. sprint says it's investigating. general motors added nearly 1 million more cars to its
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recall over an ignition switch. the saturn ion cam pack, chevy hhr suv, pontiac solstice and saturn sky sports car can suddenly shut off, especially if the driver uses a heavy key ring. sometimes the key turns itself off and several people have been killed as a result. apple wants another day in court, after it was found guilty of fixing ebook prices. the company appealed in federal court, saying the verdict would stifle innovation. part of the punishment, apple has to have a full-time court-appointed supervisor at headquarters. we've heard reports that engineers and executives do not get along with court appointed monitor. for a look how the markets are doing, let's turn to morgan brennan, live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning. futures are higher, after a choppy day of trading tuesday. investors weighing a drop in
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consumer confidence as well as better than expected earnings from home depot. looking at data from new home sales and earnings from lowes and jcpenney. the nasdaq slipping five. 5:15, a follow-up now, mountain view city council approved an agreement to get rid of google's city wide wi-fi. according to the "mercury news." members accepted a grant from do toll install several other hot spots around town. >> let's check in with meteorologist christina loren who just sat down. she's been charting the rain. >> mother nature must not wear he'll l heels. keeping up with her is not easy. 5:15. we want the rain, we need it badly. looking towards significant totals. starting out in the 50s. climb by five to eight degrees.
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take a look where you are now, south bay low to mid-60s. grab the coat, want to have the umbrella ready to go. radar lit up this morning. more rainfall than we typically get expected here in the south bay where we typically get rain shadow by the san tsanta cruz m. today, 1 to 2 inches of rain here in san jose. slippery commute shaping up. showers press into sunnyvale as we speak. we'll continue to see showers move onshore throughout the day today. take it to your futurecast. that atmospheric moisture pumping rain into the area. it's a super soaker across the bay area. impressive rain rates coming down at a half inch per hour, even in the san jose area, that could produce healthy totals which we need. we're expecting the worst of it to happen. as we head throughout the second half of the day. in addition to the showers and the gusty wind we have out
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there, we also have the potential for thunderstorms that we have throughout the afternoon. expecting thunderstorms over the local mountains, santa cruz mountains and higher elevations in nor bay. east bay hills and across the bay area, fair game for thunderstorms today. we'll be watching them closely for you from the nbc bay area weather department. as we head throughout the next couple of days, we'll keep the storm systems coming. stop the clock, thursday 10:00 a.m., a break. thursday looks like an in between storm system day. but by friday, 10:00 a.m., look at this. we are in the yellow as the core of low pressure from the next system comes right over the bay area. watch this. from 10:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m., talking about six hours of moderate to heavy rainfall in the bay area. the friday storm, even more potent. notice on the seven day, bottom of the screen, rain chances through the beginning of next week. let's check on your drive.
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>> we're watching the effects of the rain, as it's coming to the area. the moisture across the golden gate bridge. the roadway's moving smoothly new york water yet but the glow to the lie, you can't make out the hills on the lights and behind. rain and christina's talking about, to the north bias well. live cameras a good shot. glowing lights, not a problem as for as ponding or rainfall yet but radar is lit up. follow the fact that the traffic and weather, tied together, this green highlighting here and here along the coast and richmond, that's where our road weather index, tied with the weather system, you may have slicker roadways. no real problems now, coming down through san rafael or the carquinez bridge. tracking that as more folks heading down the east shore freeway, approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. smooth drive, no backup. metering lights expected on at 6:00 as normal for wednesday but
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rain comes in at wrong time, we could see the lights turned on early. the speeds, tri-valley, smooth drive. starting to see slowing coming into livermore out of the altamont pass. typical pattern for 586, even 84 through livermore, pleasanton. no, we turned from green to yellow here at the top. one more shot across the bay, peninsula, south bay looking nice. you can make out the flat section to the high-rise. clear view across the san mateo bridge. 5:19, an investigative unit exclusive. would a robust system tracing firearms reduce violence in oakland? it's a tool that would strengthen their arsenal but leaders worry about a negative ripple effect in other bay area cities. the numbers behind crimes involving guns from 2010 to 2012. we have learned police in oakland seized more than 3700 guns in that time, that's 3 guns a day, more than any other bay area city.
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but opponents and local gun tracing including governor brown say, adding new laws would only cause confusion. >> what bill could city leaders put on your desk that you would sign that would give oakland more local control? >> this is a matter of a community coming together. >> how often did you see gun trafficking? >> almost every day of the week. >> hear more from former gang member whose expose the oakland gun culture and why a local gun licensing and registration program will help police solve kri crimes fast. >> smartphones have taken the blame for a lot of things but can selfies contribute to hair lice. a lice removal salon, she says over the past couple of years there have been uptick in the number of teens with head lice and it may be because kids put their heads together to take selfies or watch videos on their smartphones.
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>> when the middle school and high school kids get together to take group selfies and they are together for prolonged time where you know they're taking 20, 30 pictures, looking at youtube videos together, that the lice is crawling from one head to the next. >> if you have a heavy infestation, it's going to come out inside those pictures, really. >> you'll see the nits in the hair. low-level infestation, i don't think you can do it casually. >> the head of public health at harvard says the theory's lousy. he calls it a marketing ploy and the head of the health department probably agrees. >> no pun intended, right. the group in charge of preserving open space will vote to weather to add multimillion dollar bond measure. it would allow the district to boy more land. some people would see a tax increase of more than $3.
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the boundaries include san mateo and santa clara but not san jose. the agency created to stop urban sprawl in silicon valley. one south bay city talking about bringing back a popular fireworks show for the fourth of july. >> if you missed jimmy fallon you missed a lip sync battle. take a look. ♪ be a jukebox hero a jukebox hero ♪ ♪ stars in his eyes ♪ ♪ having a good time having a good time through the sky like a tiger the gravity♪
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downtown san jose in talks to bring back its once annual fireworks show. santa clara county board of supervisors approved a request to explore the possibility of bringing it back. one supervisor says the show would help cut down on the use of illegal fireworks in the city. event scrapped in 2009 because of budget cuts. impressive, though. coming back, blue angels expected to fly again at the fleet week. video of the jets flying a few years ago. had to cancel appearance last year because of government shutdown. representatives for the u.s. navy jet team will be at oakland at noon while the blue angels will perform over san francisco in october, they'll operate out
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of the oakland international airport. ever flown with them? >> i have not. flown in an f-16. >> i was supposed to, i was this close, i couldn't. petite. >> let's check in with christina loren. not a good day to fly. >> not a good day. we don't have flight delays out of san jose, san francisco, oakland but that could be the case as you can see. a lot of rain on the radar. good morning to you. hopefully you are prepared to drive to work through slippery conditions everywhere at this point starting to see showers coming in with the heaviest batch now, located over the north bay and it looks like we're going to see heavy rainfall all throughout the day today. i'll track the storm system to your doorstep coming up in a minute. but, hey, we need rain. we'll take every single drop that we can get. unfortunately, it's coming in the heart of the morning commute. let's see how that's doing. mike inouye. >> yesterday a tough late
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community because of a couple of crashes now. looking at a tough later commute because of the rain. at present, camera at oakland coliseum shows dry roadway. smooth drive typical flow. construction they cleared earlier in all spots around the bay because they were worried about the rain, too. 880 without problems. bay bridge, no delay for 580 at dublin interchange. there's your live shot for san jose. we'll watch changes this morning. 5:27. new efrp efforts to manage headaches around levi's stadium. >> a high school forced to cancel classes for a second time because of a gas leak. ♪ i will remember you will you remember me♪ >> one year late, santa cruz comes together to remember two fallen officers.
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a live look at san jose. better pack the umbrella. while there's no rain falling in san jose yet, it's coming. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. up in the north bay, a different story. san francisco getting a little misty right now. we'll check in with the forecast and christina loren. >> it's hitting us vertically. fronts come in diagonally and impact the north bay first and then slowly slide down to south bay. but you can see the nature of the front coming in right vertically. you can see here, the entire coastline is nice and slick, as a result. we'll see showers press into the south bay swand intensify today. this is the first of a series of storms. i want to guide you. i'll be with you not only this morning, through this evening as well because we've got a lot of rain and we're taking it
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seriously. when we tap into the atmospheric river it becomes something we want to focus in on, a weather game changer as we call it. it's the difference between one to two inches of rainfall versus maybe a quarter of an inch to a half. this is what we're working with now. two systems of low pressure. first one started to move in, tapping into the atmospheric river, bringing in rich moisture across the bay area. and there's another, more potent system on its heels which is why residents are gearing up across the bay area, why we bring in christie smith, live with us from palo alto. how are residents preparing for this potential flooding out there along the peninsula this morning? good morning to you, christie. >> reporter: good morning, christina. they certainly are getting ready. a couple of minutes ago we saw a couple of drops on our windshield and then it stopped. but you can feel it in the air, rain is on the way and when it hits, it's going to be hard and heavy. we're at one of the sandbag stations here in palo alto. and this is one of the most
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fully stocked stations i've ever seen. we've counted more than 25 pallets here of sandbags that are stuffed and ready to go. the santa clara valley water district runs about six sites between morgan hill and palo alto. and there are 17 more sites in cities across the country. usually there are shovels provided. i didn't see one here this morning but the best advise, bring one in case, the full ones were taken. east palo alto, preparing for all of this, too. they've done repairs on the san francisco creek to boost flood protection near the gardens neighborhood. december 2012 when storms caused it to overflow. temporary evacuations in that area. so public works crew, they're on storm watch status now, on call 24 hours a day, just to respond to any sort of emergency and, again, it looks like all of the water districts and fire
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stations are prepared because they've got all of the sandbags ready to go. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, christie. excellent reporting. you know what? this changes how we live. whenever we get rainfall, you've got to make the necessary preparations. like getting little ones ready for school, make sure they have the rain gear today. long range data, it talks about rain coming in all the way into next week. so this is just the beginning. we'll tell you what we're expecting from friday's system, even more potent, more wind associated. that's next. right now, back to you. >> thank you much. san jose firefighter accuse of selling drugs could be in court to face more charges. arrested, accused of selling meth to an undercover officer. but when he was arraigned on charges last week, investigators were still looking into claims he has a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old boy. prosecutors went ahead and charged him with three count of
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drug possession and sale but no charges in the alleged sex crime. he has not yet entered a plea to the three counts of drug possession and sale. the self-described pimp accused in a las vegas shooting that killed three will be sentenced in a different case today. harris faces a minimum of ten years in prison for a 2010 sexual assault on an 18-year-old woman at las vegas condo. a jury found him guilty last september. harris could get the death penalty in the las vegas strip shooting. investigators say he shot oakland native and aspiring rapper kenny cherry jr. and caused a chain reaction crash which killed a taxi driver and a passenger. a solemn day in santa cruz. one year ago today, two santa cruz police officers were gunned down in the line of duty. ♪ will remember you will you remember me ♪
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>> i -- >> members of the family were among the attendees at a community ceremony last night. last year he and detective elizabeth butler killed while interviewing a sexual assault suspect april memorial garden will be dedicated to the two where they worked. dispatchers will hold their own ceremonies to honor the fallen officers. skyline high school is back open after a gas leak forced the school to close for the second time in as many weeks. students and teachers were sent home yesterday morning after someone smelled gas. officials found a valve on the roof of the school had been turned on and left open. it had been used to control a gas supply to a former science room but no longer used. the school was closed for one day last week after a construction crew accidentally broke a gas line. how do you figure out how to get thousands of people the best
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way to levi's stadium? officials are going to meet to talk about that very thing. the vta's levi's stadium transit committee will hold its first meeting today. hoping to offer fast and efficient service to the stadium before it opens this year. meeting held this morning at 10:00 at vta headquarters on first street in san jose. life morefuls in the south bay is about to change. they need to cut back their water use by 20%. "today in the bay's" bob redell, live outside santa clara valley water district. what rules are we talking about here? >> reporter: not only are they going to ask you to cut back 20%, but put some rules into effect. rules to be determined. but don't be surprised to see restrictions, for instance, on how and when you're allowed to water your lawn. there might be nighttime restrictions, after sunset and odor even days. if you have a swimming pool and
5:37 am
it's running low 0 on water or empty trying to fill it, you might have to hold off until restrictions lifted. how are they going to enforce this? a couple of ways that your company would be able to do this. one fines for violating new water usage rules. but for your water company to fine you, they'd have to get approval from the public utility commission to put the schedule on the plate and that has not happened yet. you could see higher water bills. >> the water provider could put a limitation on water use and if you go above the wart use you could pay a higher price, that's a possibility. >> reporter: last night the santa clara valley water district board here in san jose mandated 2 million customers here in the south bay cut back water usage by 20%. that's the most stringent of restrictions since the drought, which took place back in 1992. the district called for the
5:38 am
cutback because the ground is so dry, reservoirs so low, and rain infrequent. and don't expect those restrictions, 20% cutback, to end any time soon. the district has told nbc bay area that this restriction would be in effect until the end of the year regardless of how much rain we get. and the district telling us last night that they would need a good solid eight inches of rain to see any significant run-off into the reservoirs. bob redell, "today in the bay." we've got that super soaker coming our way. >> still talking about the lack of rain. christina loren. >> it's our farmers who need that rain. and really it comes down to the snowpack which is the most necessary to really give us drought relief. it's that snowpack that replenishes our water supply during summer when we don't get the rain. this morning, a lot of rain on the radar. give yourself ample time to reach your destination safely.
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i love this but you may not like the slow drive to work. plan accordingly and you won't get stuck and late to work. mike, also all over your drive. what we're watching, i want to do a little storm tracking, showing you what we're working with. when the showers push over the mountains and into the south bay. expect them to arrive in sunnyvale by 7:02 this morning, that's when it gets active. of course, that is right in the heart of rush hour. we'll be here for you throughout the morning. and, guide you through it. . /* 7:16, san jose. expecting heaviest rainfall between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and as you know, we kick off that evening commute at 5:00, expecting storm reports. and potentially getting isolated thunderstorms. it not just rain, it's also the wind that you want to watch out for in your high profile vehicle, watch out for debris on
5:40 am
the roads. 10, 15, 20 miles sustained gusting. this morning, 50s. headed to low to mid-60s. temperatures are still warm. the storm. coming from the subtropical latitude. we'll get so much moisture out of it. we typically don't with the colder systems. mike inouye. >> looking out there, don't be scared, it's not a horrendous situation, but watching for the folks that are affected by the rain as it comes in. over here, 580 not so much through dublin. easy flow for 58 pop build typical here at the dublin interchange, westbound and eastbound 580, burst of volume of traffic, happens about now. green shading there that means maybe wet roadways, that's our roadway weather.
5:41 am
rest of the bay, south bay and peninsula show smooth drive and north bay looking at san rafael, no problems so far here. back to you. >> 5:40. the president issued an ultimatum to the afghan government. live in washington for reaction. >> the nba's first openly gay player chooses a special member for his jersey. what's behind the number 98.
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welcome back. 5:43. president obama giving the president of afghanistan an ultimatum, sign an agreement to ensure american troops there are safe, or all of them will leave afghanistan by the end of this year. tracie potts live on capitol hill with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. by all of them we're talking about 34,000 troops still there, several thousand of them were supposed to stay after the war ends this year, to help secure
5:44 am
the area, watch our interest in the area, keep an eye on al qaeda. the problem is there is no security agreement in place. karzai, president of afghanistan, hasn't signed it. he wants the next administration to deal with that. they've got elections coming up in april, but by the time the next administration takes a look at this, it could be too late. the u.s. is pushing them to get it done now because if we're going to split our troops, bring most of them home, bring most of the equipment home, leave some, the process has to get started sooner rather than later. we'll see if there's feedback after president obama said sign the deal now or you may not have any u.s. troops left there to help your security forces after december. >> a lot of families will be anxious to know what happens. 5:44. a san diego family suing petco after losing their healthy 10-year-old son to rat bite fever. his family says he caught it
5:45 am
from his new pet rat. "today in the bay's" peggy bunker here with the story. >> not uncommon to have pet rats and the family says they are devastated over the loss of their son from something they never thought could hurt him. the family says they never heard of rat bite fever. this little boy, aden, received the rat as a gift from his grandmother. doing what most grand parents do she purchased the rat may last year. two weeks later he was dead. he enjoyed the two weeks with his pet, taking him on outings, playing with him in the bathtub. he woke up with a fever and could barely walk. he died at hospital the next day. the parents decided to sue petco after the examiner's office found rat bite fever killed the
5:46 am
10-year-old. the rat was sent to centers for disease control. petco released the statement, we are deeply saddened by the family's tragic loss. the health and safety of people and pets is always a top priority, and we take the family's concerns seriously. rat bite fever is infectious and you can catch it by handling an infected rodent, the bites and scratches are the most common cause of transmission. pregnant women, children under 5, those with weakened immune systems are discouraged from handling the pet rats for this reason. it can be fatal if left untreated but nipped in the bud with antibiotics. petco says it's currently, quote, in the process of investigating claims and they will respond appropriately when they have more information. >> sad story. thank you. taking a live look outside the golden gate bridge, north bay seeing rain. rest of the bay area will soon
5:47 am
follow. we have a live look as well at the beautiful bay bridge where caltrans hoping to use rain to figure out how water's seeping into the new eastern span of the bridge. officials will take shifts both on and under the bridge looking for leaks. during the last big storm officials saw water dripping down. sole of the water could lead to corrosion. >> plenty of water to test their theory. >> a great way to conserve water. you let mother nature wash your car. whatever storage plan you want to make, we support. we're all about the conservation effort. when it comes to san francisco, a lot of our water supply comes from hetch hetchy. we're doing a okay as far as the water supply goes. when it comes to the supply for the enstir tire state of california, if we conserve, there's more water available to
5:48 am
farmers. this is an agricultural state. that's how the great state of california was built. so, yeah, we want to conserve and help somebody out. it always feels good when you know you're helping our local farmers. 5:47. this is a welcome site. we need this rain. what we're talking about, though, potential for record rainfall especially in socal, where los angeles has not seen over an inch of rain for over three years. they're talking about potential for three inches from the same two systems that are coming through the bay area. that's just an indication of how powerful these storms are that are on the way to the bay area. so wind combined with rain, making for a dangerous commute. want to take you through the time line for this wednesday. rain with moderate to heavy pockets for your morning drive. keep in mine, slick conditions out there. off and on rain showers condition. winds are going to pick up as well. time frame we're watching is 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., stay off the roads if you can. thunderstorms possible through the evening.
5:49 am
forecast shows you that. we'll be in the thick of it when it comes to showers tuesday next week. let's see how we're doing on the roads, mike inouye. >> bulk of the day. if you can schedule phone meetings, do that. cash lanes backing up. fas-trak not a problem. we often see when there's rain, puddling and ponding, nothing at bay bridge toll plaza. east shore freeway, close to the speed limit. radar showed you moving into the area, expecting wetter roadways. watch richmond off the carquinez bridge and other parts throughout the north bay. green highlighting and many patches around, watching 101 south bound, commute from novato into san rafael, you may get slick conditions. south, golden gate bridge, live view here. lights across the span. it's a smooth drive. roadway dry.
5:50 am
no windshield wipers but tracking that carefully. back to the maps. speed sensors for the north bay. 101 typical build before 6:00. 87 and 280. last five minutes we've seen speeds change. fry v tri-valley, nothing unusual for livermore. jason collins, first openly gay athlete to play in any major sport will take the court in honor of matthew shepard, shepherd was brutally murdered 16 years ago. tonight, the brooklyn nets will face the trailblazers in portland and colins will wear the number 98. 98 referencing 1998, the year shepard was killed. he wore number 46 because it was the only spariersy the nets had them on the road. collins signed to ten-day contract with the nets and normally the nba doesn't bother to put outier jerseys for tempoy
5:51 am
players. requests were pouring in. the nba posted this on the site, number 98, a top-selling jersey on the nba site this morning. 5:51. how aeon musk made more than $1 billion, at least on paper. a special homecoming for a northern california olympian.
5:52 am
5:53 am
tesla ceo elon musk add mord than $1 billion to et net worth as excitement grows over a megabattery factory. according to bloomberg, musk has a net worth of $11.7 billion,
5:54 am
that's up 10% since yesterday alone. makes him the 94th richest person in the country behind mark zuckerberg inwell gains this year. lives are changed forever. a northern california couple go out for a walk but stumble upon buried treasure, literally. the man and woman who don't want their napes released were walking on the property in the sierra foothills when they saw something poking out of the dirt. inside the canister, you see it there, 1400 gold coins dating from mid to late 1800s. at the time they were buried, their value was $28,000. now, worth about $10 million. the couple says it will sell most of the coins on amazon. others will go to private collectors. great shape as well. amazing. monterey's own olympian bobsledder nick cunningham returned to a hero's welcome. >> usa!
5:55 am
usa! usa! >> went from sochi to munich to chicago to denver before finally landing 10:00 last flight. the 28-year-old did not come back with a medal but plenty of memories and stories to tell, including getting stuck inside an elevator with teammate johnny quinn. nbc bay area got a shout out on late night with seth meyers. >> a mug out. the coffee mug made a special guest appearance, part of a new late night tradition as a subtle way to include local communities. a mug from different nbc stations on his desk. >> i have to check. i don't have one here. >> laura's mug. >> a lot of lipstick in the corner. we want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. she's got a look at the forecast. slippery commute coming our way. >> it's very slippery. taking little ones to school, give yourself extra time.
5:56 am
travel cautiously with the precious cargo. showers are going to intensify as we head throughout the day today. also going to bring in the very slight chance for strong thunderstorms. we'll tell you where, when we're expecting those to develop coming up as we head throughout the 6:00 hour. lots to go over, including what we're expecting out of this in lake tahoe. so it's all about you making plans for the weekend and preparing for the rain. we want 0 to help you. stick around. check your drive, here's mike. >> bring rain jacket or whatever covering you choose. covering the roadway, north 101 at 680 through san jose. dry but getting more company on the roadway. and smooth flow of traffic north bound on maps. one spot with crowding where we see slowing at the top of your screen. clear drive as far as road weather index registers. up the peninsula, easy flow for 101 and 280, across the bay for the san mateo. dumbarton bridge, no problem for
5:57 am
the east bay. so far, oakland, live view, northbound with taillights picking up volume. same for southbound. at speed past the coliseum. camera trembles time to time. storm coming in and that would be the reason why. 5:57. despite the rain, santa clara's water district issues a mandatory restriction but it won't happen immediately. take a look at the next step. >> bracing for that coming storm. cities prepare sandbags as rain starts to come in over parts of the bay area. live to new york city. the famous rockefeller center there. see the ice? the great famous ice dancers from the u.s. olympics, meryl davis, charlie white, performing there later this morning. that's coming up at 7:00 on the "today" show.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
reduce water by 20% or face a fine. new details about the new drought restrictions in the south bay, next. plus will repairs hold on this peninsula creek or will those incoming storms cause the waters to flood once again. we do have potential for flooding. a lot of rain moving in as we speak. that means slippery commute shaping up. a lot more rain on the way in the coming days. we'll time everything out to your doorstep, coming up. >> with those changes coming in, we'll use live cameras. how that wednesday morning commute is shaping up right now. >> a live look outside from the south bay. the calm before the storm, perhaps, coming our way. we certainly need it wednesday, february 26th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with that microclimate forecast as we give you a live look at san jos


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